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The foundation of your LabLynx solution is you. It's the laboratory, informatics, healthcare and science community. You are what drives our products, services and direction. LabLynx understands that companies shouldn't produce things and then spend their time trying to convince people they need/want them and should buy them. It's the other way around. Your needs and preferences are the driving force behind what we offer. We spend our time continuously trying to identify what serves you best, and then we provide it. And that extends far beyond a LIMS or LIS.

LabLynx, Inc. has an extensive, dynamic and open community at® that provides support, discussions, tools and resources to ALL lab, science, medical and informatics professionals. Membership is free, and interaction between all members of the community serves to enhance the overall benefits enjoyed by LabLynx customers as well as the entire scientific community at large, as people trade their experiences, tips and views with each other. But the LabLynx community is more than that. Through®, LabLynx provides free resources that offer real usefulness that benefits your operations.

Unique in the laboratory, scientific and healthcare industry, LabLynx, Inc. offers, through the® community, a selection of free and premium applications, hosted reliably in its own dedicated, secure LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure, along with a host of other free resources, news and events, groups and more. Its collection of thousands of open source apps and add-ons are available globally and cloud-hosted through®. Joining® is free and takes only a second when you log in with your LinkedIn account. And if you don't have one of those, it only takes a few minutes to set one up and make use of®'s many benefits and resources - including:

Community Interaction

Link up with others in group discussions, search for people and companies, form and participate in local communities, projects and more. Your free® community network membership gives you full access to the extensive LIMSforum[1][2] and other communities, with tens of thousands of members and growing daily. There you can exchange views on any number of topics with a wide range of industry professionals, and start your own discussions. Seek advice, opinions, and experiences, share your own topics, and generally interact with the larger community. Enjoy the opportunity to poll fellow group members to get their input on approaches to lab processes, their experiences with a given application, what trends they see coming, career paths, opportunities and any other topics where the perspectives and experiences of others in your field can help provide valuable insight that can lead to time and money savings, increased effectiveness or individual growth. And make use of all of the other benefits of the LabLynx® community.

One of those is the use of Communities. Every member can create at least one community of their own, and join as many as they want. The Professional Community Edition membership allows additional community creation, and Corporate Community Edition includes Single Sign-On (SSO) for easy integration with existing sites and systems.

Cloud Apps

The® app collection

The® suite of applications includes those designed specifically for the laboratory, scientific and/or healthcare industries, like ELNs, EHRs, SDMSs and more, along with an assortment of various general office/business and productivity apps. All® members and LabLynx customers automatically receive a® community account, providing a complete information management solution for all aspects of their laboratory. So - for the affordable price of free you can have a collection of useful apps that will immediately make your work easier, reduce transcription errors and free you from paper-based data management. And the® platform offers almost limitless options for additional features, functions and apps.

You can also upgrade from your free® account any time to add webLIMS for your particular type of lab. For information on® account editions, see® Editions. There's a® edition perfect for you, no matter what type of lab you are. And you can also see the LabLynx webLIMS editions for every type of lab at Industry Solutions.


Information should be free, and boy is there a lot of it here! You get searchable discussions on thousands of topics, news, events, blogs, professional journals, books, tools to help you set your specifications for apps like LIMS/LIS and other systems, course textbooks, thousands of open databases for research, knowledge base wikis like[3], magazines, newsletters... And® compiles and publishes books on a wide variety of topics that all members can access and read online or download at their convenience.

These range from annual scientific journal compilations, to course guides, manuals and topics of interest, with titles like:

LIMSbook Library.PNG

This selection is by no means the whole library. Keep an eye out for new titles released on an almost daily basis.

Another type of free publication at® is the many Buyer’s Guides released by the Laboratory Informatics Institute[4] and community, featuring specs, comparisons, pricing and other valuable information about any of the various apps used by the community. Services, consultants and more will also be covered in future guides.

Find out more at


Get used or new equipment and supplies, free Buyer's Guides for apps, services and products, and more, in your free® Marketplace. The Marketplace contains:
  • Lab, scientific and medical equipment and supplies
  • Free-lance services of all kinds
  • Bids and grants
  • Apps and services Buyer's Guides
  • Access to all of the® apps

Whenever you need...well, anything - just click the Marketplace menu link to find it. And if you want to let others know about your own services or you have something to sell or trade, just go to the free® Marketplace.

Career Opportunities

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Another free benefit all members enjoy is access to our industry job board, where you can search for specific openings and post your own. List openings and search for people to hire, or search for career opportunities yourself. Put out your shingle to do freelance or contract work in the community, find or list bids, projects and other opportunities.

The job board contains all the latest postings from throughout the industry, ranging from medical assistant to lab tech to phlebotomist, research scientist, lab director and more. Whatever your career goals, make LabCareers your go-to resource.

Equally, it can help you find quality hirings to meet all your specific staffing needs. Search according to your requirements or create a posting. And if you want you can always make use of LabLynx's expert Recruitment Services.

Courtesy of LabLynx, Inc. and®, you have a specific place to go that specializes in only medical/scientific/lab positions and people. Where else can you go for free to see exactly the kind of career-specific information and resources that have meaning for you?

Training Courses

One of the indispensable keys to raising quality in the industry - in any industry - is training. Increasing our skill sets makes us better at what we do, which not only affects quality but also makes us more attractive commodities in the workplace. And it's essential in some instances, for instance conducting certain tests and/or operating particular instruments, handling sensitive HIPAA-controlled information, etc. But training can be expensive, time-consuming and difficult to fit in with career and family demands. online courses are the answer.

You can go to any time and select Education from the menu to search courses, tutorials, webinars and institutions that provide the training you need. They're online, and most are free, so they couldn't be more convenient. Learn any time, any place. Increase your value and grow your career in your spare time - it's up to you! And any community members can create their own courses, so it's simple to keep all the required staff training for your company at your group.

The LabLynx Application Platform Revolution

SciCloud Social Revolution.png® is more than an an app account. It represents a major corporate shift, and is the latest innovation by LabLynx, Inc. to embrace community-based, open principles in the way we do business.® is now our application platform for all of our products, including the webLIMS/ELab LIMS.

Our® platform is the result of the recognition that the individuals that make up the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community are the center and focus of what we do - NOT us or our product. Without you, there would be no LabLynx, webLIMS/ELab or any other LabLynx product or service. Your needs and preferences drive the industry, and ours is always a response to those needs and preferences, not something we arbitrarily create and then try to sell to you.

That being the case, we understand the social involvement revolution that the advent of the Internet has fostered, and engineered our offerings to have a community-based foundation. For instance: once upon a time news was monolithic. That is, we all got it from a handful of networks, like ABC, NBC, CBS etc. - who in turn were fed by Reuters, the AP and UPI primarily. Today the Internet means we all participate in news. As things happen they are reported by ordinary people in the community. We take video footage or photos with our phones, instantly post them on social media, etc. Now we are a giant news community, made up of ordinary people, with less and less need to resort to mainstream media feeds.® is just like that.
Social Internet Revolution.jpg

For the first time, you participate in your data management options and quality. You can run your lab, do science, provide healthcare services and the like by choosing amongst free, open source, open access apps and databases, coupled with enterprise-level systems designed by members of your community, supported and serviced by members of that same community and contributed to by you and your colleagues. Everything is open, no longer high-priced, slow-moving proprietary monoliths. But don't confuse "open" with "un-secure".® is cloud-hosted on the finest, state-of-the-art secure SOC 2 Type II infrastructure, with full system redundancy and fail-over, dual backup, second, geographically-distant backup datacenter and comprehensive physical security. And it guarantees 99.9% uptime reliability.

Community-based foundation means interaction with all other members of the community, collaboration on projects, sharing of information and free flow of news, events, ideas and opinions. It means innovation, and products and services that are borne directly out of real immediate and long-term community interests and concerns. THIS is how it was meant to be, and it is long overdue!

To learn more about the community-based ecosystem, see Open Platform for Community Growth and Open Platform for Continuous Innovation. It's all part of the overall community-based informatics platform called®.

Standard (Free!) Features

There are apps included with your free® account by default, designed specifically to benefit science, healthcare and/or laboratory professionals. Additionally, LabLynx provides easy online access to all of the® open source apps and their plugins and add-ons, plus many other free and premium specially-developed apps and add-ons for the laboratory, scientific and healthcare industries.


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Your® account includes a free collaborative scientific project management infrastructure, so you are instantly set up to do research and other projects with any selected colleagues, on any number of projects.

The app provides a single, central place for all your work so it's organized, backed up and secure. You will never lose your data. And you control who you share it with: nobody, everybody or something in between. And on top of that, it integrates with any other apps, databases or systems, including things like Dataverse, GitHub, Dropbox and Google Drive, Mendeley and more - anything that helps you do what you need to. And it tracks your file revisions, helping you meet protocols and standards.


What else could you want to help you do good science? How about a free ELN included by default! The SciNote electronic laboratory notebook is already there when you become a ® member and begin using your® account. Within minutes you can set up a project and begin working!

Your ELN includes all of the features you need and expect from a professional app - like unlimited projects, team management, configurable experiments and protocols with multiple steps and specific workflows, flexible results formats, quick and configurable reports and more. And to top it off, since it is web-based it provides full native support for any degree of secure, managed collaboration - world-wide, any time zone.

Find out more about the SciNote ELN here.

Open Data

Yet another free feature of your® account is access to a selection of databases. So much of science, especially research, has to do with integrating and building from existing information.® helps, by giving you access to all kinds of information in all kinds of areas through open database connectivity. Now you can pull the data that are relevant, map them, make graphs and charts and use them in conjunction with your particular project - quickly and easily, giving you increased validity, accuracy and meaningful conclusions in a fraction of the time of traditional research.

All the knowledge of the world is open to you, ready to be leveraged and built upon as you pursue your particular areas of interest and expertise in the advancement of science, production, healthcare or another enterprise.

Application Library

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In addition to the default apps every ® member gets, there are a host of other apps available, as well as collections of plug-ins/add-ons for them, making your potential data management options virtually limitless.

We know you don't do your work in a vacuum. Any organization, company or even individual has a three-dimensional, multi-aspect work life that involves different approaches to each task or project. That's why there are as many varied apps out there as there are types of tasks and areas of endeavors. But, until now, there has been no effort made by anybody to provide a thought-out selection of apps that can work together for the science, lab or healthcare professional. We said "until now".® is the first place you can go to get ALL of the apps and services you need to do everything you do.

It's all there: Scientific Data Management Systems, ELN, EHR, project/research management, ERP for your entire operations, knowledge management system to collect and organize your knowledge base, integration apps to link your enterprise into a single cohesive unit, even apps to build your website...and of course, the finest professional LIMS and LIS solutions in the world. To access your free apps and other apps and services, just go to and look for the "Sign in with LinkedIn" Log In with LinkedIn.png button.

Marketplaces of Plugins and Add-ons

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The bounty doesn't stop there. For every® app you use there is a great selection of add-ons and plugins developed by its community that add even more functionality and features to suit your every need. So your choices and availability of new features and functions explode exponentially, and are growing every day.

Many of the® application library offerings are open source, which means they include their own communities and dedicated add-ons and plug-ins contributed by developers with free access to code. It's one of the main ways free and open source formats maintain sustainability. All of these are readily available through®, and you don't have to worry about the IT side of it, like servers, downloads, configurations, integrations and so on. Use the dedicated support community or your LabLynx® support plan for professional installation and maintenance, and just add it to your cloud-hosted account.® Editions

The® platform provides several editions to meet all of the needs of specific types of labs and organizations. These are:

  • Community Cloud - The® Community Cloud is free and automatically provided to all ® members (which includes all LabLynx clients). It includes the apps and features mentioned in Standard (Free) Features above. It is also included in all other editions. Community support is included, with additional support available.
  • Research Cloud - This edition is designed primarily for research, and includes all of the features of the Community Edition, plus a LIMS sample management app and clinical trials app. It also includes annual support hours, along with community support, with additional support available.
  • Health Cloud - This is the set of professional® products that make up solutions for medical/healthcare environments. It includes the Community Edition, plus the LabLynx, Inc. ELab LIS, an EMR/EHR, EAI (enterprise application integration) solution, and business intelligence features that include data visualization, web portal and reporting functions. It also includes annual support hours, along with community support, with additional support available.
  • Lab Cloud - The® Lab Cloud Edition is centered around the state-of-the-art LabLynx, Inc. ELab LIMS, and comes in any of a number of solution packages for specific types of labs. Additional features and functions include LES, EAI (enterprise application integration) solution, and business intelligence features that include data visualization, web portal and reporting functions. It also includes annual support hours, along with community support, with additional support available.
  • Government Cloud - GSA-listed solutions are available to every level of government, from municipal water treatment plants to federal public health initiatives, and all are priced per GSA rules, so they represent the very best value.

All editions include the option to add additional apps and their plugins and add-ons, like the Business Suite, with a variety of apps useful in any business or organization, like ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (contact relationship management), project management, knowledge base, accounting, eCommerce, HR and more; and Developer Suite, which helps developers work with® apps.

And there's more.® provides optional add-on features and services, like Developer Cloud, Device Cloud and Server Cloud, so you can work with LabLynx and other app codes, integrate with other apps, databases, devices/instruments and more, and purchase cloud-hosting space at affordable rates.

For more information on® editions, see® Editions. To arrange a demo, get help in finding a solution, etc., contact us at Contact Us.

Support Plans and Options

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So® provides you with free apps, free community support, loads of available additional apps with vast libraries of add-ons and plugins - everything you need to do collaborative science, run or work in a lab (ANY kind of lab!), physician office or other healthcare service and more. But maybe you'd like the peace of mind to know you don't have to go looking when you want something fixed or added. Well, you're covered there too! All accounts give you the choice of levels of ongoing support, backed by LabLynx, Inc. itself, with our full warranty on all work. Choose from a variety of plans specially designed for the solution that's right for you.

LabLynx uses only the best professional engineers, developers and other system experts, so you can be confident your work is done right - on time, on budget and to the highest standards. Whether it's adding another app, configuring/customizing it or one you already have, adding plugins and add-ons, integrating apps, devices or databases - whatever you need, you can trust the LabLynx support team.


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