Technology Tailored for You

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Your LabLynx solution to fit your specific laboratory processes, size and budget is tailored from LabLynx, Inc.'s exclusive® Informatics Platform, designed, built and maintained specifically for laboratories of all kinds, from single-user to global corporate networks, with special attention to small and medium-sized labs who have traditionally been priced out of the LIMS/LIS/LES market. Your tailored solution is packaged according to your industry, specific workflows and needs, size, and budget, using the right combination of apps in our application library to perfectly suit you. As shown here, our informatics platform is comprised of five tiers - with your lab's specific tailored configurations and app suite sitting proudly atop the supporting layers. Uniquely, the foundation of the entire platform is the entire laboratory, scientific, healthcare and informatics Community. The entire platform is collectively known as®, comprising essentially a community-based digital business ecosystem (CDBE).

You, and others like you, are both the foundation and recipient of all of the technology that makes up the middle portions of the pyramid. The overall community is inextricably integral to the CDBE, contributing from start to finish in the entire development lifecycle of products, and offering services throughout.

Each layer is described in the sections on this page.

Your Solution

Any laboratory data management solution is a function of several things, and they all have to be of high quality and performance, and fit your specific needs. A solution is a function of:

  • Technology - Both the foundational technology and IT environment, and the technology of the applications are huge determiners of the performance, reliability and longevity of any solution.
  • Flexibility/Configurability - The best technologies are easy to work with and allow for a lot of flexibility and scalability - preferably from the user side too. In general, the more flexible, the greater the longevity. Labs grow and change. Your data management solution needs to be able to keep up. And that means plenty of available support as well.
  • Compatibility - A lab is a smoothly orchestrated set of apps and processes all working together, from testing workflow process steps to successful data transfer of data between instruments, systems and reports. Good solutions readily play well with others to support this.
  • Functionality - A solution is pointless unless it has ALL of the capabilities you need it to have. Today's LIMS for instance, like the LabLynx, Inc. webLIMS, is designed to be essentially an ERP system for the laboratory.
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All LabLynx, Inc. solutions are tailored to YOUR specific lab data management needs. Comprising the top of the LabLynx Informatics Platform are solutions for every kind of laboratory, and on top of that, WebLIMS is very user-configurable by design, so that you can "have it your way" - without costly additional development.
You're In Charge

Those drop-down picklists you need for various tasks? YOU pick the choices that are listed - and it only takes your supervisor or administrator seconds to update them. Your sample receiving screen, instrument management screen, inventory screen and more are set up with just the fields you want displayed, and you choose what to make mandatory. Set up your tests the way you need them, with the limits/ranges/specifications you want, including calculations and more. Make new versions any time you want.

And what's more, every user can have their own set of access privileges - and if you have more than one department or location, users can have differing access levels for each. And that applies right down to which buttons display. For "read-only" users, hide the Save, New, Delete buttons, etc. so they can't make changes. And supervisors or administrators have all the administrative capabilities they need to manage the system and its users, any time, from anywhere.

Your Budget
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LabLynx offers two edition options, designed to meet YOUR specific business needs and budget. Both are loaded with® apps, along with the world-class LabLynx webLIMS, and include the concurrent-user subscription-based Premium Edition or the concurrent-user purchased perpetual license Enterprise Edition. No matter what kind of lab you are, how big or small or how you prefer to license or host it, there is a plan that's right for you!
Your Industry

No matter what kind of lab you have, from water/wastewater to nextgen sequencing and everything in between, there is a LabLynx solution for you. And our staff, most of them lab people like you, have the experience and skills that span the entire gamut, so we understand your needs and speak your language.

Here are some of the industries we serve:

...and most importantly - YOUR Lab!

Cloud Apps (SaaS)

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BI Apps.jpg

At the end of the day, it's the apps you are interested in. These are the part of the overall informatics platform that you actually work with to perform the functions you need. The applications themselves constitute the Software as a Service (SaaS) layer of the LabLynx Informatics Platform. You may already be familiar with that term, as "SaaS" rivals "Cloud" as the buzzword of recent years in technology circles, even coming into general non-technical usage.

Our SaaS offerings are many and growing daily. No matter which solution edition you select (see the Industry Solutions and Editions & Pricing areas of the LabLynx website), you get a great range of features and functionality you can use in your laboratory. From LIMS/LIS to ELN, SDMS and EHR to CRM, CMS, inventory management, project management, BI, ERP, LMS, KMS and more, it's all at your fingertips.

Our solutions are all part of our® platform, which offers various accounts, including the free Community Edition. Learn more about® HERE.

Development Platform (PaaS)

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Tools for developing and modifying the apps® provides are included, making the entire informatics platform dynamic and alive, providing the® Platform as a Service (PaaS) layer of our informatics platform. These include the LabLynx LIMStudio, which includes our Report Builder and LIMS development tool. Standard, well-known development languages are used, with nothing proprietary, so you never get locked into any particular version with no way out. WebLIMS itself is highly user-configurable anyway, with LIMStudio providing even more flexibility - and thus unmatched scalability, longevity and therefore value/ROI.

Many® apps are designed as modules to work on the Odoo platform, and are thus Python-based, with a large and thriving community of open source development resources. Other apps, plugins and add-ons are open source or written in standard languages.

Join the community for free to liaise with other development professionals in the® laboratory, science, health and informatics community.

Cloud Platform (IaaS)

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At the foundation of the technology layers of the LabLynx Informatics Platform is our dedicated, purpose-built LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It has been designed and built from the ground up using only the finest hardware and software components, using best practices and ensuring comprehensive redundancy, failover, data backup and protection and SSL security and encryption.
Cloud Hosting1-800.jpg

The LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure is housed in a state-of-the-art data center, certified to the highest SSAE 16 SOC 2 standards, so that together, our cloud-hosting infrastructure and premises offer you a 100% uptime guarantee. Database backups are taken hourly, and entire backups are done daily and stored in a geographically distant second data center. In short, no one offers better reliability and data security and protection than LabLynx. Many of our customers require HIPAA, CLIA, 21 CFR part 11, ISO or other regulatory compliance, and the LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure IaaS cloud platform delivers that and more.

Community Platform

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The entire LabLynx informatics pyramid has its foundation firmly established in the® community network, a vast interconnection of laboratory, informatics, medical and scientific professionals and related members who access and share information, news and events, apps, resources and more, and provide services and products to each other. It is very much the complete ecosystem for the industry, the place that's custom-tailored to our community's unique needs.®'s hub, where you can go to access all of its information and resources or just hang around and discuss topics of interest, is at® is comprised of tens of thousands of members, growing daily. The network is a vibrant, dynamic community where members are helping members through information sharing and other activities. Participation helps everyone, because we all recognize that an industry and marketplace that maximize individual skills and opportunities ultimately serves individuals who operate in that community, and advances the industry as a whole.

Membership is free, and you gain easy access to:
  • News
  • Events
  • Discussions
  • Journals
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Public Databases
  • Career resources and even free apps - all tailored specifically for the laboratory, informatics, science and healthcare community.

But even more than these, your® community network includes support and service personnel, for all the free apps and the others. Basically, there is nothing you might want or need that has to do with your lab or project - or career - that you won't find. It's free, and it's easy. Just log in with your LinkedIn login (it only takes a few minutes to make one of those if you don't already have one) and make use of all of the benefits immediately!

To learn more about the® community-based digital business ecosystem, see Open Platform for Continuous Innovation.