User training is based around the Chapter 3 - User's Guide section of the HealthCloudPOL manual, and is delivered by LabLynx, Inc., managed in the Help Desk during implementation if included in your package (HealthCloudPOL Standard Edition subscription). Otherwise, users make use of the manual and other HealthCloudPOL Support Resources.

Unlike Admin training, User training is aimed at training staff on how to use the LIS only in relation to their particular roles. For instance, a user who only enters assay requests need not be taught how to batch samples and enter results. Different access profiles are assigned by the LIS Administrator to other users according to job function. User training focuses on their specific job functions with regard to HealthCloudPOL.

The areas covered in User Training include some or all of the following:

For more on these topics, view them individually or see Chapter 3 - User's Guide section of the HealthCloudPOL manual.