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Probably the most important part of HealthCloudPOL Setup & Training is the setup of the tests used in the lab. If this isn't correct and complete, then the LIS core functionality is also not properly functional. Test setup is included as part of Standard Edition subscription Setup & Training provided by LabLynx, Inc.. If you have the free Basic Edition, instructions on how to perform test setup are included in the HealthCloudPOL manual in the Test Management section. However, every lab is a little different, and it may be useful to consider the Standard Edition (you can switch at any time) to obtain Setup & Training services. To do that, contact LabLynx, Inc., or go to http://healthcloudpol.com and contact us there.

There are over 50 common assays and ~1000 parameters included in your HealthCloud Physician Office LIS by default. But any tests that you want to use may need their parameters and/or ranges adjusted, instrument assigned etc. before being activated and published for use. Additional new tests may be created if necessary. Results may include any alphanumeric values, including symbols (e.g. <, >, etc.), and may also be selectable, with user-defined choices (e.g. present, ND, neg/pos etc.), with multi-select also available.

If instruments are to be integrated (Standard edition only), parameters must be mapped between the instrument and HealthCloudPOL. This will be part of LabLynx, Inc. integration services. Instructions are in the manual in the Test Management and Instrument Management sections as well, if you would like to review.

Additionally, for either account, any set of tests may be grouped as Test Panels, and assigned in a single click to specimens. This is included in Standard subscription Setup & Training, and instructions are also provided in the manual's Test Panel Management chapter.

HealthCloudPOL contains over 50 standard clinical assays and around 1000 parameters by default

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