Report Review/Approval Overview

Once all specimens are complete for an order, the report becomes available. Before issuing it, however, authorized users can review and approve here. If HealthCloudPOL interfacing has been implemented, the reports may be auto-emailed or faxed, and/or uploaded to the EHR/EMR or other system upon approval. Otherwise, they are available as .pdf documents which may be printed out and faxed or mailed, or saved and emailed.

Once reports have been issued here, they are listed in the Order Report Archive.

To Preview or Issue Reports

Navigate to the Report Review/Approval menu item, where the list of reports available for review/approval is displayed.

Report Review 1.png

Click the checkbox in the Print column to select, then click the Preview Reports Preview Reports Button.png button. The report displays as a .pdf popup, which can be saved, printed, etc.:

Report Preview.png

Using the Preview button the report may be reviewed, printed and/or saved. It will not be added to the Order Report Archive. If approved, add to the Archive by using the Issue Reports Issue Reports Button.png button, whereupon it will be removed from the Report Review/Approval list and now display on the Order Report Archive page.

Order Review 2.png