Patient Management Overview

This section contains the list and details of all Patients, as well as the Physicians and any other possible accessioners/submitters in your practice. It can actually be a database of any entities you would like to have in the LIS (e.g. suppliers, etc.).

Patient Management 1.png

To Add a New Patient or Physician

Navigate to the Patient Management menu item. Click the New New Button POL.png button. The New Entity Detail screen displays. Enter all information available (Bold fields are required at a minimum) and click Save Save Button POL.png.

  • NOTE: A "Parent Entity" could be a primary facility or hospital, for instance, where the patient is receiving treatment.

Patient Management 2.png

If the entity is other than a Patient, the insurance frames do not display.

  • NOTE: Patient or other entity information could be automatically taken directly from your EMR/EHR if a HealthCloudPOL integration exists.

Additional information may now be added in the same way, by clicking on the appropriate buttons to display their frames. The buttons toggle between Show and Hide.

Show Persons

Add individuals related to the main Entity.

To add persons, click the Show Persons Show Persons Button.png button at the bottom of the page...

Show Persons.png

...then click the New New Button POL.png button on that frame.

Patient Management 3 Persons.png

Show Persons2.png

If the person you want to associate with the main entity is already in the system, you don't have to enter them into the system again. Just click on the link beside "Choose From Existing Person:"

Show Persons 3.png

Click Select Select Button POL.png and Save Save Button POL.png.

Show Entity (Child)

You can add '"child" or "sub-entities" to the main Entity by using the Child Entity frame. For instance, if a main entity is a facility, a child entity may be the main contact there, or a physician, etc.

To add a Child Entity, click the Show Entity (Child) Show Child Entity Button.png button near the bottom of the page to display the Entity (Child) frame.

Add Child Entity.png

Click the New New Button POL.png button and fill in the information about the child entity. The page that displays is the same form for adding any entity.

Show Types

You can add additional roles to the main Entity by selecting them here.

Click the Show Types Show Types Button.png button near the bottom of the page to display the Entity Type Assignment frame.

Show Types 1.png

Show Types 2.png

You can assign or unassign roles to this entity using the Add Selected Add Selected Tests Button.png button, Add All Add All Tests Button.png button to assign, or Remove Selected Remove Selected Button.png or Remove All Remove All Button.png buttons to unassign.

Show Address, Show Files

You can also add additional addresses and/or upload files to associate with the main Entity using those frames. Click Show Address Show Address Button.png or Show Files Show Files Button.png to display those frames, then add information or upload files as desired.

  • The Upload Files frame is usually labeled the same as in the Order screen, Requisition form. It may be used to upload any types of files.

Patient Management 4.png