Order Report Archive Overview

Once an order report has been printed/sent, per Report Review/Approval, it disappears from that screen and is now listed on the Order Report Archive screen.

To View/Resend Order Reports

Navigate to the Order Report Archive menu item and select the entry from the list. You can use the Filter button to quickly locate specific items.

Order Report Archive 1.png

Order Report Filter.png

The list is displayed according to the criteria chosen. If you wish to view an archived report, click on its ID number.

Order Report Archive 2.png

The log entry information is displayed. You can view the archived report for review, printing or re-sending by clicking its link.

Order Report Archive 3.png

  • NOTE: You can also use the Advanced Filter Advanced Filter Button.png button to increase filter options:

Advanced Filter

Advanced Filter.png

NOTE: The Order Report Archive contains only formal, version-controlled Results Reports. For internal reports or labels, use Reports and Labels (or generate labels directly from the Order Detail screen).