LiMSforum.png® is first and foremost a community-based platform, whose membership contribute to each other in multiple ways to increased mutual benefit. One of the prime ways®'s community members benefit each other is through the free flow of information and discussion in its member-led Communities and globally in open access information within® generally. LIMSforum is the default central discussion forum community for laboratory, scientific and healtth industry professionals in®.

Originally a group with thousands of members in LinkedIn, LIMSforum migrated to the® platform in 2016 in order to provide freer access to its members and encourage more interaction and growth, as well as to make use of the extensive features and functions, including free apps, available there, bringing its members and opening its doors to anyone with interests or ties to the industry.

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Joining both® and LIMSforum is free, and members can post questions, comments, surveys, links to other articles or materials, comment on others' posts and more. Seek advice, opinions, and experiences, share your own topics, and generally interact with the larger community. Enjoy the opportunity to poll fellow group members to get their input on approaches to lab processes, their experiences with a given application, what trends they see coming, career paths, opportunities and any other topics where the perspectives and experiences of others in your field can help provide valuable insight that can lead to time and money savings, increased effectiveness or individual growth. Schedule and promote events, conferences, webinars, etc. And make use of all of the other benefits of the LabLynx® community.