Instrument Management Overview

HealthCloud POL allows for comprehensive management of instruments and their associated details, maintenance and calibration schedules, etc.

Instrument Management 1.png

To Add an Instrument

Navigate to the Instrument Management Menu Item and click the New New Button POL.png button. HCPOL displays the New Instrument Detail screen.

Instrument Management 2.png

Enter all details available (Bold fields are mandatory). Click Save Save Button POL.png. The Instrument Detail screen displays additional frames:

  • Maintenance History
  • Instrument Test Assignment
  • Requisition form

New Instrument Detail page

Instrument Management 3.png

Maintenance History may be entered and/or tests assigned, and documents uploaded to the instrument by default.

Adding Maintenance History

You can actually add both completed maintenance events and upcoming ones here.

In the Maintenance History frame, click the New New Button POL.png button. The Instrument Maintenance Detail screen displays. You may enter either upcoming maintenance or maintenance already performed. Select the type of maintenance, dates and other required or desired fields.

Instrument Maintenance.png

Click Save Save Button POL.png. The record is saved and displays in the frame.

Saved Instrument Maintenance event

Instrument Maintenance 2.png

Assigning Tests to Instrument

Assigning tests to an instruments defaults the selected test to that instrument when selected for sample analysis. Note: Unless the instrument is ALWAYS used for that test it is best not to assign tests.

In the Instrument Test Assignment frame, simply select from the unassigned tests (on the left) and click the Add Selected Add Selected Tests Button.png button. Alternatively you can use the Add All Add All Tests Button.png button.

Instrument Assign Tests 1.png

The Test(s) assignment is complete.

Instrument Test Assignment frame showing assigned and unassigned tests.

Instrument Assign Tests 2.png

Tests may also be unassigned, or additional tests assigned using this feature at any time (any ongoing batches will be unaffected).

Mapping Parameters between HealthCloudPOL and the Instrument

When instruments are interfaced with HealthCloudPOL, the parameters (analytes) they measure must be mapped to the system using exactly the terms it sends. When this must be accomplished, it is done in the Parameter Mapping screen, which is accessed by clicking on the Instrument Info button on the Instrument Detail screen.

Instrument Info button

This will display the Parameter Mapping screen, where instrument fields are mapped to the LIS. Enter Instrument terms in the left column, and select the corresponding HealthCloudPOL parameter (using drop-down selection) in the right-hand column and Save Save Button POL.png. If the parameter does not show in the LIS column, it may be inactive or need to be created. See Test Parameter Management in the Administrator's Guide.

NOTE: It is important that the instrument's parameters be entered exactly as shown in its manual, including case, spaces and any other characters.

Mapping Parameters

Mapping Parameters.png