Science Topics II.jpg® is all about community interaction, both at an individual level and at a group level. Accordingly, it provides members with the ability to create, manage and/or participate in groups. These can be on any topic, although keeping it within the science, laboratory, healthcare and informatics realm is encouraged. Scope for a group can be as esoteric and specialized or as broad as you want. And every group has a host of tailored apps, functions and resources designed to serve all of your needs.

In groups, you can:

  • Post events
  • Post and comment on discussions
  • Search for keywords in discussions, people, companies, news, jobs, projects, apps, courses, books/publications and more
  • Monetize through sponsorship

Purposes for groups can vary. You can create a private group for only your company staff, perhaps, or for any particular projects so that only team members communicate and trade information. Or you can create public groups on topics about which you'd like to get various viewpoints and experiences.