Audit Trail Management Overview

This is an Administrative function rather than a standard lab operation. Only users with Lab Manager profile have this on their menu and may access it.

HealthCloudPOL provides the ability to view Audit Trail data. The Audit Trail is a central repository list of all edited testing results that have been flagged as auditable during Test definition. The Audit Trail function helps to fulfill many regulatory and standards compliance requirements.

To View Audit Trail Information

Navigate to the Audit Trail menu item. The Audit Trail List screen displays all Audit Trail records in the system.

Audit Trail 1.png

You can use the HCPOL Filter tool to search for specific records.

Audit Trail 2.png

From the Audit Trail List screen, select an Audit Trail record. The system displays the record in a new screen, including:

  • The original result (this is blank unless a calculation has occurred that changes the result value)
  • The new result (this is simply the result value, unless a calculation produces a new result value)
  • Who made the edit (entered the result)
  • When the edit was made
  • The reason for the edit

Use the arrow buttons to browse to other records. Single arrow: next/previous, double arrows: first/last

Audit Trail 3.png

When you are finished viewing Audit Trail records, click Done Done Button.png.