LiMS for Cannabis Testing

Cannabis Testing

LiMS for Cannabis Testing

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The LabLynx LIMS for cannabis testing labs, CannaQA LIMS, is the premier professional LIMS (laboratory information management system) especially configured to provide the accurate and speedy results, certificates of analysis (COA), reports, regulatory compliance, including integration with track-and-trace systems such as Metrc, BioTracTHC and Leaf, and other aspects of data management required for successful, cost-effective operation in today’s highly competitive and fast-growing cannabis testing market. It supports full ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001:2015 compliance, ASA (Americans for Safe Access) and PFC (Patient Focused Accreditation), GLP/GALP, 21 CFR Part 11 and all state regulatory requirements. All types of testing are supported, including any you set up yourself:

  • Potency
  • Terpenes
  • Strain (terpene/cannabinoid ratios)
  • Residual solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Water activity
  • Moisture content
  • Foreign materials
  • Mold and microbiological contaminants

LabLynx also includes inventory and instrument management, as well as configurable pricing and invoicing by client, test or other criteria, with the ability to apply discounts, special pricing, etc. so you have a complete business solution for your lab. And LabLynx is cloud-hosted so you don’t need a costly bank of servers and an IT department, just a web browser on your PC, laptop, mobile devices or tablet.

Additionally, the LabLynx CannaQA LIMS is extremely user-configurable, able to adapt to any future regulations or standards, and also support additional types of services your lab may choose to provide over time – providing unmatched lifespan and return on investment (ROI).

Types of Testing

LabLynx supports absolutely any type of testing and any instrumentation. That means for any aspect of the industry—from research to seed, soil and fertilizer testing—LabLynx has you covered. Our solution for cannabis testing labs is configured specifically for most cannabis labs, optimized for the tests mentioned above, including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG and CBN for dry weight percentages, and more, for all types of chromatography and spectrometry. All specs and ranges are easily adjusted for any given state regulations and can even be pre-loaded for your lab. Enter results manually or through uni- or bi-directional interfaced instruments. The system also provides a dedicated report designer and standard required report templates.

Whether medical or recreational, LabLynx provides the system for all the tests you need to perform.

Standards and Regulations

Regulations that apply to cannabis labs vary from state to state, and even municipally (e.g., labeling requirements), but universal standards like ISO 17025 and the related ISO 9001:2005/2015 still apply. LabLynx already assists many labs across a variety of industries with meeting their ISO requirements through use of the LabLynx LIMS, and cannabis labs are no exception. In the case of cannabis labs specifically, LabLynx stays abreast of each state’s regulations and ensures that your system is set up accordingly so that your certifications are never at risk and you adhere to requirements.

All of the standards and regulations in the chapter on regulatory compliance are supported by the LabLynx LIMS Solution for Cannabis, as well as clinical and other industry-specific standards that are typical to the LabLynx LIMS.


Workflows in LabLynx are set up according to the tests’ requirements, including appropriate process steps, with any required prep, automatic QC sample inclusion, review, report review, issuance and archiving. Samples may be submitted either in person or via the online LabLynx secure web portal, with full barcoded chain of custody (COC) storage location, possession and status tracking.

LiMS for Cannabis Testing Sample Submission

Sample submission/receiving detail screen – Initial section

Sample submission and receiving is, by design, simple and quick. Only minimal information is designated as mandatory (you can adjust that for your own preferences) so that samples can be accepted into the lab ready for testing. Additional information can be added at any time. Due date, priority, disposal requirements and much more are supported, along with any comments/notes. Tests can be automatically assigned based on sample type or based on client or other criteria, along with specs/limits and pricing. And they can just as easily be unassigned or changed (as long as they are not already underway).

The Cannabis Laboratory LiMS

Any associated files, documents, images, etc. may also be easily and quickly uploaded and linked with the sample (or order/group of samples), e.g., COC, test request form, product image upon receipt, etc.

Samples may be received either as groups (orders/lots) or singly, and upon receipt the LIMS offers the option to print barcoded labels. Once labeled, the samples may be moved to any storage locations in the lab, transferred outside the lab (e.g., 3rd-party contract lab testing), and have their ownership/possession changed and be disposed of according to requirements, with full traceability and documentation. Additionally, sample statuses are automatically updated in the system, from initial “logged” status to “assigned” (test(s) assigned), to “under testing” and “complete”, or “canceled”, with various sub-statuses also configurable.

Cannabis Laboratory LiMS

Once received, samples may be batched together by process/instrument for bulk processing, with unique system-generated sample IDs (configured according to your format preferences, i.e., “yy/mm/dd-sample no.”) to ensure accurate tracking, testing and results reporting. Sample IDs may be automatically uploaded to instruments and/or tied to results values to populate the COA and/or other reports.

The LabLynx CannaQA LIMS for cannabis labs
The LabLynx CannaQA LIMS for cannabis labs

Complete Integrated System

Like all LabLynx LIMS solutions, the LabLynx CannaQA LIMS for cannabis labs readily interfaces to any and all instruments, software or reporting agencies you require. Many startups will elect to get up and operational in the shortest time possible, entering results manually at first, and linking instruments to the system one by one as income increases. Other systems like metrc’ can also be interfaced with your LIMS, providing a comprehensive data management solution that addresses all of the unique requirements of a cannabis testing lab. Or if you are engaged in research, use it to link collaborative efforts and/or update results remotely. Take metrics remotely as you monitor growing techniques and upload them instantly to the system. Accept online test requests using the LabLynx web portal function and issue reports and COAs the same way. Any kinds of integrations you need are available by default in the LabLynx LIMS for Cannabis Labs.

Other Options

The Cannabis Laboratory

The LabLynx CannaQA LIMS for cannabis labs is far more than just a laboratory information management system. It is a complete comprehensive platform of features and benefits tailored for you and your lab, no matter which type of testing you do within the cannabis industry. It contains all of the features and functions you need for your lab’s operations. But there are also a number of additional feature and function plug-ins available to be added to your system, including integration with other systems—including METRC (currently certified in Oregon and Colorado), SICPA, BiotrackTHC and Leaf, or ERPs like MJ Freeway—or devices/instruments, and/or other modules. LabLynx even offers hardware add-ons that include lab equipment/devices like testing instruments, as well as label printers and scanners, and IT hardware like PCs, hubs, cabling and more.

Any of these can be chosen as implementation options, available either initially or at any time thereafter. Choose from among them to define what you want now, and for the short, medium and long term, or decide to add on to your system whenever you like. Just let us know.

In a real sense all implementation and plugins are services, because where a feature or function exists it costs only to activate or configure it. Where it doesn’t, it costs to develop it. All services are listed and discussed in the Services and Implementation Options sections of the LabLynx Solutions Manual.

The exception to that is hardware and supplies, which are available through our® Community Marketplace.

Your LabLynx LIMS benefits include the options to add any of a range of additional features and functions through plugins. These items let you grow your system in modular fashion so you can add what you want when you want, in your own time and on your own budget. The LabLynx CannaQA LIMS for cannabis is a complete LIMS on its own, but it also gives you the ability to scale up and out as you grow your lab’s offerings, or as you progressively increase automation to save time and money while increasing productivity and quality, and ensuring compliance. Plug-ins make it simple, quick and affordable.

To include plugins or hardware add-ons in your LIMS solution package, either make your selections initially when talking to your LabLynx, Inc. representative, or you can submit them any time thereafter through the Help Desk.

Integration Plugins


Your LabLynx LIMS can interface with anything that has an API. Or it can interface through file sharing. Basically, anything that can be interfaced can be interfaced to the LabLynx, Inc. LIMS, using our exclusive LabVia solution.

The Cannabis Laboratory

While the LabLynx LIMS and many of the other apps in the LabLynx and® libraries readily share files with instruments and other systems, there are also situations where the integration required is more complex. For those we have LabVia, LabLynx’s exclusive middleware and hub hardware/software product, available through® to manage your connections and data sharing.

LabVia intelligently manages multiple data communications between all kinds of devices, services, systems or other sources.

Use LabVia to connect with:

  • SDMS, MES, PLM, DMS, EHR/EMRs, PMS or other Systems/Software or Databases
  • LIMS or other Laboratory Information Systems
    LiMS for Cannabis Testing

    LabVia Middleware Hub
  • Instruments
  • Field Devices, Mobile, Hand-held etc.
  • POC Devices
  • Billing Services
  • Regulatory/Reporting Agencies
  • Reference or Contract Labs
  • More…

LabVia is available as an option with all® and LabLynx solutions.

LabVia Hub

The onsite part of the LabVia solution is the LabVia Hub. It is a hardware/software product that provides a central nexus point for all of the integrated nodes (instruments/devices, software applications etc.), intelligently managing their data. Full instructions on installation and setup are provided, and a LabLynx professional will guide you through the process. Or, if you prefer, we can come onsite and install it for you, ensuring all interfaced data points communicate properly. Many systems need only be able to provide files that your® Solution can access to process and report, and/or be able to receive sample information from the LIMS. If serial connections are required, then a LabVia channel is utilized, and your hub will link up with the cloud-based software portion of LabVia to ensure perfect data routing and management.

LabVia Cloud

The cloud portion of LabVia is hosted for you in our Cloud Platform (IaaS), keeping your integrations securely managed in real time. And any time you need more integrations (e.g. you buy new instruments that you’d like to interface with your system), we can add a new channel for you that is configured to transfer the data you want, in the ways you want them.

You can forget about the details and concentrate on your own work, secure in the knowledge that your interfaces will continue functioning perfectly for as long as you have them. All maintenance, support and warranty is included in your annual agreement.

If you’d like more information about LabVia or you have questions about integration of your devices, services and/or applications, contact® Support, search the Marketplace for qualified services or contact LabLynx at LabLynx Contact Us, or give us a call at 770.859.1992 or toll-free at 800.585.5969.

Report Plugins

LabLynx, Inc. has many other available report and/or label plugins besides those included with your specific LIMS solution.

These include both internal management reports, like turnaround time (TAT), annual/monthly workload, sample disposal, training and productivity reports, etc., as well as any custom formal reports with logo, header, etc. Sample label sizes and designs can also be added to suit your needs, with or without barcodes. Your solution includes the LabLynx Report Writer, so you can modify existing report templates and/or create new ones any time you like. Or contact LabLynx, Inc. to have them delivered for you so you can concentrate on your lab.

Module Plugins


The Cannabis Laboratory LIMS Portal

The LabLynx CannaQA LIMS for Cannabis works very well in conjunction with any existing client portal. You can elect to integrate and pass order statuses and results reports so they may be viewed securely, as well as emailed alerts when they are ready, etc. If you don’t have an existing portal, choose the LabLynx Portal Plug-In and upgrade the customer experience while freeing you and your staff from answering phone inquiries and calling clients. The portal functions as a web-based test requesting platform, as well as allowing clients to securely review sample status and results reports.


The Cannabis Laboratory LIMS Alerts

The useful Alerts plug-in library includes email notifications based on events, like completed assays/analyses, completed entire orders/requests, out-of-range results, impending expiration of specimens, reagents, matrices, etc., or according to schedules (QC, calibrations, patient monitoring or other regular collections, etc.).

Even re-certifications/training, conventions or any other item can be set to alert you so you stay on top of your schedules and work, even if they aren’t lab-related. Whether you simply need internal user alerts or notifications in conjunction with the Auto-Fax/Email plug-in, the LabLynx team will set up alerts for whatever needs you have.


In the same way that alerts can be generated based on events or schedules, results reports or other items can be set up to be faxed, displayed on a portal site or emailed to designated parties using the LabLynx LIMS’ Auto-fax/Email plug-in.


Invoicing based on assays/tests, straight from the LIMS, can be easily added to your capabilities with the LabLynx Invoicing plug-in. Insurance companies, patient information and lab assay histories are all securely stored in your LIMS, and the Invoicing plug-in pulls the appropriate data to ensure accurate and timely billing. Bill direct or integrate with a billing service; it’s up to you with the LabLynx LIMS Invoicing plug-in.

Data Warehouse

The Cannabis Laboratory LIMS Data Warehouse

It’s very useful to be able to pull any historical results and their associated information dynamically, according to immediate, ad hoc needs and criteria. The Data Warehouse plug-in makes all historical data available to authorized users, who can filter for exactly what they are looking for by date range, test, client, project, sample type or any other criteria.

You always have the archived reports. But if you want to compare or review a collection of data based on specific criteria, the Data Warehouse plug-in will make it happen for you. And the data are exportable as an Excel file that you can further analyse, graph, etc.

Training Tracking

Keep track of all certifications and their history, along with dates of next required courses, etc. Make sure you aren’t at risk of being out of compliance by having expired certifications for any regulated testing, or just generally keep track of training planning and completion.

The Training Tracking plug-in keeps track of all of that for everyone and lets you upload any certificates, etc. for handy access and reference. It can also be combined with the Alerts plug-in to issue reminders when it’s close to the time to re-certify or when upcoming training of any kind is due.

Storage Management

Beef up the included inventory management functions with the Storage Control plug-in. It allows you to create locations with hierarchies, like “Storage Room 2, Freezer 1, 3rd shelf”, etc. to keep track of exactly where any supplies or specimens are at any given time. Make sure you meet compliance standards by knowing where any and all devices, kits, reagents, specimens or other items are at any given time. You’ll want to combine this with the Object Tracker plug-in so you can document and track chain of custody by checking items in and out, transferring ownership and documenting disposal.

Object Tracker

LiMS for Cannabis Testing Object Tracker

Object Tracker

This plug-in works with the Storage Management plug-in to document and track all movements of designated items through the lab and anywhere else. Use it to manage check-in, check-out, transfer and disposition of items in all areas of your facilities and those sent out and returned (e.g., to reference labs), documenting all movement, date and time, and the identity of the user performing the actions.


The Cannabis Laboratory Storage Management

LabLynx, Inc. will add any scheduled events for you or show you how to create them using the LabLynx LIMS Scheduling plug-in. Holding time alerts, password expiration notifications, training schedule notifications or any other types of scheduled events you’d like to happen in the LIMS (and send notifications about, using the Auto-Fax/Email and/or Alerts plug-in) can be created and managed.


The Validation plug-in module runs an automatic script and generates a report that will satisfy many regulatory compliance requirements for validation. Save thousands by using this great alternative to standard consultant-based validation projects.

Custom Plugins

Just because you don’t see a function or feature here doesn’t mean you can’t have it. LabLynx will build from scratch any type of plug-in you want. Just submit a ticket to the Help Desk or contact us and our certified development professionals are at your service. Simply let us know what you want when you are defining your scope (see Requirements Checklist), or submit a request to the Help Desk at any time thereafter, and your system can be customized in any way you choose.

Community-Based Platform: The Way Forward

There is one more important—and unique—characteristic that the LabLynx LIMS Solution for Cannabis Testing brings to you. The LabLynx platform is community-based. That means the entire cannabis community is involved and invested, from the foundation to the delivered individual lab solution.

The Cannabis Laboratory Storage Management

Your LabLynx LIMS solution is more than an an app account. It represents a major corporate shift, and is the latest innovation by LabLynx, Inc. to embrace community-based, open principles in the way we do business.® is now our application platform for all of our products, including our LabLynx LIMS Solution for Cannabis Testing Labs.

Our® platform is the result of the recognition that the individuals that make up the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community are the center and focus of what we do, NOT us or our product. Without you, there would be no LabLynx, LabLynx LIMS Solution for Cannabis Testing Labs or any other LabLynx product or service. Your needs and preferences drive the industry, and ours is always a response to those needs and preferences, not something we arbitrarily create and then try to sell to you.

That being the case, we understand the social involvement revolution that the advent of the internet has fostered, and we’ve engineered our offerings to have a community-based foundation. For instance: once upon a time news was monolithic. That is, we all got it from a handful of networks, like ABC, NBC, CBS, etc., who in turn were fed by Reuters, the AP and UPI primarily. Today the internet means we all participate in news. As things happen they are reported by ordinary people in the community. We take video footage or photos with our phones, instantly post them on social media, etc. Now we are a giant news community, made up of ordinary people, with decreasing need to resort to mainstream media feeds. The LabLynx® platform is just like that.

The Cannabis Laboratory Storage Management

For the first time, you participate in your data management options and quality. You can run your lab, do science, provide additional services and the like by choosing among free, open-source and open-access apps and databases, coupled with enterprise-level systems designed by members of your community, supported and serviced by members of that same community and contributed to by you and your colleagues. Everything is open, no longer high-priced, slow-moving proprietary monoliths. But don’t confuse “open” with “non-secure”.® is cloud-hosted on the finest, state-of-the-art secure SOC 2 Type II infrastructure, with full system redundancy and fail-over, dual backup, and a second, geographically-distant backup data center with comprehensive physical security. And it guarantees 100% uptime reliability.

Community-based foundation means interaction with all other members of the community, collaboration on projects, sharing of information and free flow of news, events, ideas and opinions. It means innovation, and products and services that are borne directly out of real immediate and long-term community interests and concerns. THIS is how it was meant to be, and it is long overdue!

To learn more about the community-based ecosystem, see Open Platform for Community Growth and Open Platform for Continuous Innovation. It’s all part of the overall community-based LabLynx informatics platform called®.

How can I get started/find out more?

For information and help in ramping up to provide Cannabis testing services, contact LabLynx, Inc.,, or call 866-522-5969.


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