Help Desk

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The LabLynx, Inc. Help Desk is the central feature of premium support services for all of our customers and partners. All customers who subscribe to our products, plugins/services and/or support agreements are provided with a login. The Help Desk offers the following features. You can:

  • Securely Log In to Your Own Project and Tickets
  • Submit Tickets
  • Monitor Progress
  • Interact/Communicate with Support Staff
  • Approve and Close Tickets
  • Request Additional Services or Products
  • Access Documents and Files

The Help Desk really is your go-to resource for any questions, issues or requests you have. Support personnel are alerted immediately when a new ticket is submitted or any updates are made to existing ones, so your response is immediate. It is online and thus available 24/7/365. All ticket submissions generate automatic alerts to support personnel and are responded to immediately. This means they are prioritized and assigned. If a ticket is critical, we'll probably know it before you do. All of our hosted sites are monitored constantly, with text alerts to key personnel - including Company President John Jones - instantly should any go down. Any other critical issues submitted by you are also dealt with immediately, no matter when they come in. Your system is 100% warranted, and any warranty issues are resolved free of charge. Any requests for additional features or services are easily submitted through the Help Desk. Our highly trained and experienced staff are happy to do whatever it takes to make sure your LabLynx customer experience is a pleasant and successful one. The support team are headed by the same LabLynx, Inc. personnel who created the training materials and resources and who implement LIMS, LIS and other LabLynx products, integrations and customizations. And if you're having difficulty accessing the Help Desk, you can always just email us or give us a call and we will make sure you are taken care of as quickly and effectively as possible. We're real people, and we really are here to help!

All Help Desk personnel are LabLynx, Inc. employees, based in the United States and trained to support your products to whatever level is necessary, from simple reminders of how to perform some procedure in the LIMS/LIS, to instrument or EHR or other app/database integration, to completely new custom functionality involving development work. Additionally, use the LIMSforum Community to search for answers to any questions or issues you may have, or to post new ones.