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Your free CannaQA membership brings you many features, including the ability to create and participate in various groups dedicated to particular areas of the industry (think LinkedIn but without the limitations). Use your groups for projects, discussions, file and information sharing, and most any other collaborative possibility you can imagine.

CannaQA LIMS comes pre-configured with all of the features and functions required for cannabis testing, and can even come pre-loaded with the tests required by your local, state, and federal government, complete with required limit sets and methods. It consists of the CannaQA LIMS base package, which includes everything you need to manage and report your testing data, including track-and-trace (seed-to-sale) reporting and compliance management tools. Additionally, the LIMS provides a range of options you can select from, including pre-loaded tests, client web portal, interfaces, and more.

Each group comes with a set of features. Your CannaQA Groups features include the ability to:

  • Create your own profile, upload a photo, and set preferences
  • Monitor activity involving you, your friends, or groups
  • Manage notifications
  • Send private messages
  • Set your profile to public or private
  • Manage friendships
  • Create and join groups and projects

You can also search across all of LIMSforum to find information and people that fit specific search criteria. CannaQA Groups are just another way your CannaQA community helps you work collaboratively, how you want.

Cannabis Industry Discussion Group

Join The Community for Cannabis Testing Laboratories, Manufacturing and Medical Products.

Join Our Cannabis Industry Discussion Group


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