Laboratory Information Management for Cannabis Quality Assurance

John H Jones


Table of Contents

  • Chapter: Chapter 1 - Introduction to Testing in the Cannabis Industry
    • Introduction
    • The Cannabis Industry (a U.S. perspective)
    • The Cannabis Industry (a lab perspective)
    • Informatics for the Cannabis Industry
  • Chapter: Chapter 2 - The Cannabis Lab
    • The Cannabis Laboratory
    • Starting a Cannabis Testing Lab
    • Regulatory Compliance and Standardization: An Overview
  • Chapter: Chapter 3 - Choosing a LIMS for Cannabis Testing
    • Evaluating and Implementing a LIMS for Cannabis Testing
    • Features and Functions in a Cannabis Testing LIMS
    • External Integrations and Your LIMS
    • Ongoing Maintenance, Support and Warranty
    • Example Cost Analysis
  • Chapter: Chapter 4 - Regulatory Considerations and Specifics
    • General Impact of Regulations on Cannabis Lab Management
    • Canada Cannabis Testing Regulations
    • California Cannabis Testing Regulations
    • Cannabis Testing Regulations in Other States
  • Chapter: Chapter 5 - An Example LIMS for Cannabis Testing
    • LIMS for Cannabis Testing
    • Successful Implementation of Your Cannabis Testing LIMS
    • Integrating Your LIMS into Your Cannabis Testing Workflow
    • Comprehensive Support for Your Cannabis Testing LIMS
  • Chapter: Appendix A - Reference materials
    • Glossary
    • Cannabis Testing Instruments, Software, and Equipment
    • Cannabis Industry Resources
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