Licensing and Subscriptions

You have two options regarding the laboratory information management system (LIMS) licensing itself: annual subscription or purchase. Some advantages and disadvantages of each are noted to help you compare.


  • Lower initial outlay
  • Minimum of two concurrent users
  • Add additional licenses cheaply
  • Includes maintenance, updates, and warranty
  • Cloud-hosted only
  • Available globally with zero latency
  • Private cloud available (allows back-end/database access)
  • Can be converted to purchased perpetual licenses at any time
  • Your data: request a database copy any time

NOTE: "Concurrent users" means the number of users logged into the LIMS at any one given time. For instance, a lab with 10 total users may only require a concurrent user license or subscription for five, as only up to five may need to be actually logged into the LIMS at any given time.

Concurrent Users Total Per Year Annual Price per User
2 $6,000 $3,000
3-9 $6,750 - $20,250 $2,250
10-14 $19,500 - $27,300 $1,950
15-50+ $27,000 - $90,000+ $1,800

User pricing is discounted, as you can see from the table, based on the number of concurrent user subscriptions. Increasing your number of users will reduce your rate if the number puts you into a higher discount bracket. For instance, if you start out with a concurrent user subscription for two at $6,000 per year, and add one more user at some point, making it a total of three subscriptions, then your total annual subscription would be $6,750 per year, and so on.

This discount schedule means that subscribing is competitive to purchasing, incurring exactly the same total cost over five years at 35 concurrent users, even when the annual maintenance and warranty plan is factored into the purchased license option. For fewer users, it may be less expensive to subscribe, although if you need to have the LIMS held on your own servers, subscription is not an option.

Purchased Licenses

  • One-time fee, license is perpetual
  • Annual fee required for maintenance, updates, and warranty
  • Minimum five concurrent users
  • Cloud-hosted or self-hosted (self-hosting not available in all countries)
  • Private cloud available (allows back-end/database access)
  • Your data: request a database copy any time
Concurrent Users Price per User (Annually) Annual Maintenance & Warranty
5 (minimum) N/A ($30,000 total) 15% of current user license list price
6+ (all) $5,000 15% of current user license list price

For the purchased perpetual license option, the minimum number of concurrent users is five, and the price is $30,000. Annual maintenance agreement is 15% of total current user license list price, $4,500 in this case. Additional purchased perpetual licenses are a flat $5,000 each (one-time fee), and annual maintenance agreement continues at 15% of current user license list price.

Please note: You can add licenses or subscriptions at any time. Many customers choose to start with a minimal subscription at first, then increase subscription or switch to purchased licenses as operations and budget dictate later.

CannaQA LIMS Core Components

The standard minimum LIMS required components provide the lowest possible entry point for cannabis testing labs. Everything needed to analyze, track, and report cannabis samples is included; however, many processes are manual, and things like tests must be created by the user (training is provided). Pricing for the core CannaQA LIMS is below:

Description Unit Price Quantity Total
Core CannaQA LIMS Module & Implementation $20,500 1 $20,500

The total shown here is full cost, including hours required. The core components are included in the CannaQA Core LIMS Module with features and functions listed below.

The CannaQA Core LIMS Module includes:

  • Receiving
  • Track-and-Trace Reporting Interface
  • Regulatory-compliant cannabis analysis report (COA) by single samples
  • Item and Specs Management
  • Entity & Contact Management
  • Document Library
  • Supervisor and Analyst Worklists
  • Inventory Management
  • Test and QC Test Management
  • Instrument Management
  • Training Management
  • Object Tracking (Disposal Date Tracking)
  • QC Charts (Basic)
  • Report Management Tools
  • Auditing
  • Labels and Worksheet: (one of each, labels include barcode)
  • Data Warehouse
  • Secure PDF Generation

CannaQA Options

Optional items available for CannaQA include both products and services. In some cases, the item may be a combination of both. Also, in some instances there may be ongoing annual fees associated with maintenance, support, and warranty for a product. All pricing and fees are displayed below.