Below is an example of a minimal implementation for a state-compliant U.S. cannabis testing lab. It meets all regulations and requirements, and is sufficient to begin processing cannabis samples once tests have been created with appropriate parameters and limit sets, and users have been set up.

Additional, optional items are also displayed, and may be added at any time to your CannaQA solution package. There are also a number of open source and other apps that can be added, via your free CannaQA community membership, to complete a comprehensive data management solution for your entire business or enterprise (see the App Store).

Subscription Example

Subscription Option II.PNG

CannaQA offers its LIMS as a concurrent-user subscription, which helps lower your initial costs - useful especially if you're a startup having to budget for instruments, premises, etc. as well. It may be converted to purchased licenses at any time, should you decide that makes more sense for your lab in the long run. In the case of subscriptions, all maintenance, updates and online help desk are included. The other items shown are the same as with the licensing option (below). There are volume discounts, as the cost of additional users is discounted according to a sliding scale as you add more. Your CannaQA representative will help you decide how many concurrent users you need to allow for, and incorporate your choices into your agreement.

Purchased Perpetual License Example

CannaQA Perp Lic.PNG

It may make more sense for you to purchase perpetual licenses and maintain an annual services agreement, rather than subscribe, especially for larger labs. Licensing is per concurrent user, with a minimum of 5, and additional licenses are available at a lower rate. Other parts of the licensing costs may include cloud hosting (dedicated private cloud that allows direct database access, or standard cloud hosting. Both include 100% up-time guarantee), and annual maintenance and warranty, with available additional support hours, for both the LIMS itself and the interfacing tool LabVia.

This option also allows for self-hosting on your own servers, although there is an additional fee of $4500/yr. If you select either private cloud or self-hosted, you have full back-end access to the database and application, and can do your own development, etc.

Basic CannaQA LIMS Package - California

CannaQA California Required.PNG

This section identifies and prices out the minimum required items for a functioning, state-compliant cannabis testing LIMS. It will be roughly the same in any state or in Canada, however the track-and-trace reporting may not be necessary, or it may be any of Metrc, BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway or Kind Agrisoft, depending on regulations. Your lab may be receiving and reporting by groups of samples, or orders/requests. Or you may handle them throughout the process as single samples not belonging to any group. The system will support either or both, and your CannaQA representative will ask you which you need. Some COAs or results reports will be pre-configured to meet regulations, but always customizable to your specific lab. Some others may need to be configured to order. In any case, CannaQA LIMS includes a dedicated Report Builder tool, so you can design your own formal and/or internal metrics reports as well.

Additional/Optional Items, and Totals

CannaQA Sub Op 1.PNG
CannaQA Sub Op 2.PNG
CannaQA California Quote Info.PNG

There are varying degrees to which your CannaQA LIMS can reduce inefficiency and maximize productivity. These are reflected in the optional items section, and range from pre-loading tests with compliant limit sets, to interfacing instruments and other systems or databases, export to Excel or implementation of CannaQA's Quickbooks interface, and much more. Each item will also require an associated amount of project management time (arranging and holding meetings, managing developers/staff and coordinating with your staff, etc.), which is calculated automatically when any items are selected on the worksheet.

This example brings down subscription totals (in the case of purchased perpetual licenses option, this would be that cost), basic package totals, and any option totals. It then shows the grand total for initial implementation, and then the ongoing yearly costs.

Getting Your Own CannaQA LIMS Quote


CannaQA is the only "full-stack" offering devoted to cannabis quality assurance, incorporating the key aspects of social, cloud and open. Pricing details about CannaQA products and services are at CannaQA Pricing. To find out more about CannaQA's free membership, or about the CannaQA LIMS, just go to or contact us at, 866-LabLynx.