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LabLynx is dedicated to the idea that the community of laboratory, informatics, medical, and science professionals who use our products are also the ones who dictate how those products evolve. It is a complete circle, where the need for a product is expressed by the community, as well as the desired features and functions that will drive its design. When that product is developed, it is the community who are the end users, completing the circle.

Additionally, LabLynx personnel are also contributing—and benefiting—members of that same community. From start to finish, and at every point in between, the community aspect of the cannabis testing industry is firmly and inextricably intertwined with the development and delivery of products and services. Unlike many companies, which develop based on their own assumptions, LabLynx and each of its solutions recognize and embrace the important role of community input in all activities.

CannaQA's community resources are discussed further on the following pages: