Solutions for the Commercial Cannabis Testing Laboratory

CannaQA is the complete solution and community for cannabis testing laboratories everywhere. From testing hemp, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, edibles, and extracts to performing cannabis research or production QC, CannaQA provides the LIMS and supporting resources to ensure successful outcomes.

cannabis regulatory compliance requirements

We are in a new era where the many current and potential uses for Cannabis sativa, indica, ruderalis and other species and varieties are rapidly being re-assessed, legalized, and made available for a variety of uses. Imperative in such a climate is the means and application of analytical testing to the plant and its derivatives for both its research and use. Safety is of paramount importance—particularly to medical marijuana users who may have impaired immune systems—as is an increased understanding of effects, benefits, storage requirements, analytical techniques, etc.

Laboratory testing professionals are and have been participating in partnerships with state and local governments (as well as national governments, in places like Canada) to establish standards and processes that can be mandated to ensure safe production and distribution. Not only are new laboratories being established to take on these challenges, but also existing labs are now extending their services to meet the rapidly increasing demand for testing. All of these labs need to operate in a highly regulated environment, requiring appropriate data management tools that can readily be updated as new legislation, trends, techniques, etc. are developed. Those tools must also effectively manage documents, regulatory reporting, staff qualifications, instrumentation, demographics, certificates of authority (COAs), etc. to ensure that such laboratories are operating at their most efficient state.

Advocates for Your Cannabis Testing Laboratory

The Cannabis Laboratory

LabLynx has been involved with data management tools from the start, doing first-hand research into science, medical, and laboratory aspects of the industry, providing repositories of knowledge that provide a single place where cannabis industry professionals can find information and resources. We also attend conferences and conventions (and bring back knowledge) that affect the various laboratory industries. This now includes the cannabis testing industry, with trips to the Cannabis Science Convention in Portland, Oregon in 2017 and the Southeastern​ 2019 Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2019.

As advocates for laboratories everywhere, we saw the need for cannabis testing data management solutions. But as always, we didn’t stop there. Our research and involvement has made it clear that community-based information and resources are as important to the industry as the ability to test and report. Customers are growers, distributors, individuals, and even governments. The unique status of the cannabis industry (not being uniformly legal, states requiring different track-and-trace systems, problems with banking and financing, etc.) requires specific knowledge, making it more valuable to collaborate and share information and resources than in almost any other industry. That’s why we created CannaQA as both a cannabis testing laboratory information management system (LIMS) and a community full of information and resources. CannaQA is your lab’s solution for testing medical cannabis, handling manufacturing QC, or any other area of cannabis testing.

The CannaQA LIMS

CannaQA is specifically customized from the powerful and comprehensive LabLynx ELab LIMS platform to conduct all types of cannabis testing activities. Learn more in the CannaQA LIMS section of the catalog.

The CannaQA Community

The second part of the CannaQA complete solution is free membership in its community, with access to the many benefits it provides. Learn more about the CannaQA community in the CannaQA Community Resources section of the catalog.


See the CannaQA Pricing page for more about CannaQA’s competitive, transparent pricing, as well as pricing examples.

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