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LabLynx, Inc. is a privately owned, funded, and managed American corporation that develops, supports, and markets laboratory information management systems (LIMS), laboratory information systems (LIS), and related solutions. Its most well-known products include webLIMS, a modern web browser-based LIMS developed around the initial core ELab LIMS platform as a service (PaaS), which is offered in a scalable, hosted "Software as a Service" (SaaS) delivery model or self-hosted, and with the added availability of selected applications to make up specifically tailored suites as complete solutions for every type of lab.

The company’s primary clients include laboratories in the agriculture, cannabis, clinical, environmental, forensic, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, including government agencies. The company is known for introducing one of the first web browser-based LIMS products in 1997 (ELab) and being a long-term player in the laboratory informatics market. LabLynx employs around 20 core staff, with many more derived from a professional, specifically skilled and experienced pool.

Mission Statement

The mission of LabLynx is to deliver the best value in laboratory, scientific, and healthcare informatics solutions to our clients.

Value is defined by the ideal relationship between quality, functionality, and service delivered at the best price. This optimum relationship is determined by the marketplace and is not static. As such, LabLynx must continuously innovate and adapt to the marketplace needs while maintaining its mission.

Our company is defined by the "Six Ps", through which we believe we can deliver the best value in our solutions:

  • Principles: A company's integrity and business practices are a direct function of its principles. These are what drive us.
  • People: Our people are our company, from our first conversation with you through our long-term support services you rely on to guarantee continued performance. In fact, you and the entire laboratory, scientific, and healthcare community are the foundation of LabLynx as well as being potential and existing customers. The® community, including every LabLynx solution-based community (e.g., CovidLiMS, CannaQA, ClinDX, and more), contributes to everything we do, as it benefits from a vast range of free resources.
  • Platform: The technology we use is an important aspect of delivering the quality and features you expect.
  • Products: Our products are where words are validated by performance.
  • Past Performance: A track record of excellence is a good predictor of the high-quality products and service you will get.
  • Planned Future: See the exciting directions we are charting as we continue to forge ahead!

Community Leadership

Since transitioning from Atlanta Systems Consultants, Inc. to LabLynx, Inc. in 2000, LabLynx has been increasingly active in the laboratory informatics community.

Projects that LabLynx has started or been involved in within the community over the years include:

  • Laboratory Informatics Institute, an open trade association with the mission of educating, standardizing, and promoting the laboratory, scientific and healthcare informatics industry
  • LIMSfinder, an online interactive magazine released by the Laboratory Informatics Institute, that aims to be "the best resource for information technology in the laboratory"
  • LIMS Buyer's Guide (formerly LIMSbook), a LIMS buyer’s guide released by the Laboratory Informatics Institute
  • LIMSforum, both a LinkedIn discussion group created to facilitate the exchange of ideas and technical information across the fields of laboratory, science, and health
  • informatics and a web portal designed with the same goals in mind. LIMSforum serves as the hub for the laboratory, scientific and health community network, providing access to LabCareers, LabCourses,® applications, publications, news and events, and other community resources.
  • LIMSwiki, a Creative Commons-licensed wiki with the goal of bringing related informatics communities together to maintain a repository of information about the industry.
  • Solution-based communities and resources. Every LabLynx LIMS/LIS solution includes a LIMSforum and® community with resources specific to that industry.

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