LIMS Software for the Cannabis Laboratory

CannaQA is a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) specially designed for cannabis testing and flexible enough to support all regulations and standards no matter where your lab is located.

Software & Community for Cannabis Testing

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Applications & Solutions

CannaQA offers a selection of software and hardware that guarantees complete data management for everything you do. Available a la carte or conveniently packaged as specific solutions for each aspect of cannabis testing, we’ll help and advise so you have the exact combination for your unique needs – both now and as they change over time.

Community Resources for the Cannabis Industry

CannaQA is a data management solution for your laboratory. But it’s also far more than that. It’s an entire thriving, dynamic community. The cannabis science community is particularly tight-knit, due to the unique way it has sprung up. Much like the pioneers who tamed the wild west, the cannabis community has found strength in mutual information and resource sharing and support. CannaQA embodies, cultivates and advances that collaborative culture with dedicated community resources ranging from discussion groups to job and career resources, marketplaces, news and events and more.

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